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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Decimal Operations: Add/Subtract Money

As usual, we began our class with a few math warm-ups. 

  • First, we completed a "Which One Doesn't Belong?"  Students look at four items (numbers, shapes) and choose the one that does not belong.  There are many answers to these problems, students just have to be able to justify their thinking mathematically.  
  • Next, we completed our estimation180 for the day.  Today we were estimating the value of a roll of nickels.
After warm-ups, we move into framing our lesson by looking at the class and student objectives for the day.  I also explained the TEK we are working on for the day.

Now it is time for a mini-review (formative assessment).  I have assigned students a problem on goformative.com to solve.  Today's problem combined the addition and subtraction of decimals with the Order of Operations.

Below is a student example of "my favorite no" (on the grid paper).  In blue, you will see the steps the students needed to take to have the correct answer (please excuse the writing... it is not easy writing with a mouse!).

From there, we reviewed our vocabulary from yesterday and then moved into practicing solving decimal addition and subtraction problems.  We focused on word problems that had to do with visiting a barber shop, finding total costs, paying bills, and determining change.  We used a page from The Mailbox Teacher's Helper Feb/Mar 2008 entitled "Checking Out."

As part of the activity, I required the students to write the number sentence they were to solve and show their work on grid paper.  To challenge the students' higher thinking skills, I required them to create their own word problem, write its number sentence, and solve it.

To view my instructions, please view the video:  Checking Out.

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