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Monday, October 28, 2013

Decimals on a Number Line AND Long Division

We have been working on placing decimal numbers on number lines for a few weeks (every Monday during warm up).  Today, I wanted to gather all of that information into our journal.  I wanted the kids to be able to look up how to place decimal numbers on number lines just in case they forget between now and the next time they are asked!  :-)  The completed page is shown above, but if you would like to see the process, please watch the video at:  Decimals on a Number Line.

The most difficult concept to get across is that you are "zooming" in, or magnifying, a portion of the number line as you work with decimals.  For example, to "see" 10ths, you have to magnify the whole number section that would contain the 10ts.  To "see" 100ths you have to magnify the 10ths section.  To "see" 1000ths you have to magnify the 100ths section.  To help get the idea across, I shared the book "Zoom" by Istvan Banyai.  Each page "zooms" out to show a larger portion of the scene (this is just a small example):

As if that wasn't enough to do.... we also worked with long division.  Today was just a walk through reminding students of what is expected when solving a long division problem:

  1. estimate:  page 8 in journal
  2. divide:  page 10 in journal and Robotic Parts video
  3. checking answers to division:  page 11 in journal and checking division video

I am spending a considerable amount of time on this concept because it is difficult for the kids and they need time to practice.  So, tomorrow we will continue working with long division.

HOMEWORK:  xtramath.org

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