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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Computer Day: MStar

In the computer lab, we focused on (1) taking the winter MSTAR assessment, which you can read about below, and (2) working on Khan Academy.

MStar Universal Screener

The MSTAR Universal Screener is a formative assessment system administered to students to support instructional decisions.
  • The content of the MSTAR Universal Screener is based on algebra-readiness knowledge and skills as identified in the Texas Response to the Curriculum Focal Points.
  • Results can help teachers identify students who might not be ready for algebra and are in need of additional instructional support.
  • Teachers will be able to monitor students' risk status by administering comparable forms of the MSTAR Universal Screener in fall, winter, and early spring.
  • 30 mastered skills - join the club
  • 38 - 5th grade students are part of the Club!
  • 45 mastered skills - Khan t-shirt
  • 18 - 5th grade students have earned their t-shirt!  (picture below)
  • 60 mastered skills - Invitation to Khan Banquet
  • 75 mastered skills - sit at the head table
  • 90 mastered skills - medals awarded
  • HIGHEST Khan mastered skills - "TOP Khan" award

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