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Thursday, January 16, 2014

How To Compare Fractions

Comparing fractions in fifth grade has gone beyond the pictorial model.  Comparing fractions in fifth grade requires that students look at the denominators and decide a course of action.  Either the denominators are the same (common) and we only need to compare the numerators, or the denominators are different and we need to create fractions with common denominators before we can compare the numerators.

Creating fractions with common denominators is as simple as creating equivalent fractions.  We can either multiply our denominators by a number to create common denominators, or we can simplify our fraction (divide our denominators) to create a common denominator.  However, REMEMBER to do the same action to the numerator!

Sometimes it is difficult to find a common denominator easily, so we can also use the strategy of cross multiplication.

To watch our note-taking, please go to:  How to Compare Fractions.

HOMEWORK:  Countdown 2.8

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