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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Holiday Cookie Exchange

We started working on our faux Holiday Cookie Exchange today.  We are not actually going to be making these cookies, which is sad, but it's fun to get to work with math that is found in real life!  

Today my classes chose 3 cookies to "make".  Before we can make the cookies, we have to make sure we have enough of the ingredients on hand.  So, I gave my students the recipes to choose from and a table that had a list of ingredients already filled out (they may have needed to add an ingredient or two that were missing from the list).  They had to go through the recipe(s) and record the amount of each ingredient needed.  After doing this for all three, they had to add the ingredients together to find the total amount of each ingredient needed.

At this point, I took up the pages to check their work.  I want their totals to be accurate before moving to the next step tomorrow.

To finish out our math class, we worked on a Countdown to STAAR.

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