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Monday, December 14, 2015

Industrial Revolution Presentation with a Smidgen of Math

Our main goal today was to present our inventions as though we were trying to convince investors to back us financially.  I had students come up in the same order that they had selected their invention last week.  As students came to the front, they gave me back the grading rubric and I opened up their Google Slide presentation.  Each student presented their invention using their script and slides.

While each student presented, 4 other (randomly chosen) students posed as investors and used a rubric to assess the Content, Preparation, and Presentation.  This rubric assigned a monetary amount to each item.  I will tally up the investor input and reveal the winning invention tomorrow!


Once all of the presentations were finished, we moved into a quick math time.  We discussed a "would you rather" and completed our first estimation180 in a few weeks.  The kids were glad to get back to it!

It has also been a while since we have worked on a Countdown to STAAR, so we used our last 20 minutes on 8 math problems.

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