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Thursday, December 3, 2015

Personal Financial Literacy: Variable Expenses

Crazy Day#4!  Only 30 minute classes today!

Today, we began by reviewing our +10 Goal.  Basically, I want my students to achieve +10 percentage points on their Math Benchmark tomorrow over their 4th Grade STAAR percentage.  I had students look at their goal to remind them where they would like to be!  I also explained how they would be earning STAARbucks (pretend money) based on their achievement on the benchmark.

Then we moved into our final expenses... food, clothing, and entertainment.  First, we found that our monthly variable expenses allowance should be bout 40% of our monthly net income.  After finding this information and putting it on our spreadsheet, we needed to find out how much to spend on food, clothing, and entertainment.  Due to the speed we needed to move, I showed the classes the websites I had located that gave an average monthly expenditure.

We input this information into our budget sheet and found our final balance.

We will finish up this project tomorrow!

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