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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

I Am: Pink or Say

I had one more activity that I wanted my classes to complete using the book Pink and Say.  It is called an "I Am" poem and there are many examples available on the internet.  To show my students an example of a completed "I Am", I used the character Moe Moe Bay:

As usual, I created a Google Doc with a table for students to type their thinking in.  I sent it to them through Google Classroom and chose the option that each student would get a copy.

I also attached a youtube video of a student reading the story again.  They were given the option of listening to the story again as they were working in order to generate ideas.

When finished, students turned in their poem through Classroom.  We spent the remaining time working on a Countdown to STAAR, then they had the choice of finishing their Social Studies crossword puzzle, working on Khan Academy, or reading their AR books.

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