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Friday, January 13, 2017


Lesson Frame

  • We will create SMART goals to work towards as we get closer to the STAAR test.
  • I will create a SMART goal.


As our STAAR test gets closer each day, I wanted to focus students on our goals that we have set for ourselves this year. However, I wanted to ensure that we were working with SMART Goals:

I linked the goals the students wrote today to our Think Through Math and Khan Academy programs.  At the beginning of the year, I posted the rewards for both Think Through Math and Khan:

Students have been receiving rewards all year long for success in both of these programs, but with half the school year gone, it is time to work towards some of the larger goals.  I gave the students a template to use towards writing the SMART goal:

Students who have not obtained the Think 30 goal, as of today, needed to write that as their SMART goal.  Once they achieve 30 lesson passed on Think Through Math, they need to begin working on a Khan Academy goal.  

I have students who have already passed 30 lessons in Think Through Math, so they chose the SMART goal for Khan based on the number of 5th grade skills they have already mastered.  

I also wrote a SMART goal.  My goal is to have 80% of my 5th graders pass 30 Think Through Math lessons.  Once my students have achieve this goal I will increase to 90% and hopefully 100%!

We spent the remainder of class working towards achieving our goal.  We also used the last 10 minutes of each class to spend the points earned on Think Through Math.  

I am so proud of my homeroom class!  They worked together to pool all of their points to earn a $50 donation to St. Jude's Hospital!  First time my students have reached their classroom goals!  I hope my other two classes will soon follow suit!

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