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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Global Blogging Challenge and Powtoon!


This is our last week to participate in the Global Blogging Challenge.  However, it will not be our last week to post to our Kidblog!  Since, this was our last GBC assignment, I gave up math time today to make sure we were able to complete the assignment.  The topic was:

Global Blogging Challenge Week 4

Post a picture of a place that is special to you. This place could be as simple as your backyard where you get to visit every day. It could be a place where you have only visited once, but you'll never forget it. Your special place could be somewhere that you enjoy alone or with family and friends. Let your readers know about this special place, what makes it so special, and help us feel as if we are there.

First, we answered the prompt on a Google Doc.  Then, we copied and pasted our picture and our response into a new post on Kidblog.  Please check out the blogs and leave a comment!  Remember, we are using the computer's ability to spell check and grammar check our writing in an effort to learn how to use technology to our benefit.  I allowed the writing to be submitted as they saw fit and will be counting off for editing errors that remain.

The remainder of our class was creating a PowToon titled "The Unfair Treatment of African-Americans in the Early 20th Century."  I asked the students to highlight four terms in their Social Studies newspaper:  Booker T. Washington, discrimination, segregation, and Black Codes.  I explained that they were going to use these terms in their PowToon to explain the unfair treatment of African-Americans.  I also asked them to create a slide explaining how discrimination and segregation were alike AND a slide explaining how they were different.

I have discovered how to embed their PowToon to their Kidblog.... stay tuned!

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