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Monday, March 23, 2015

Vocabulary Voki

This is my week to teach Social Studies, so my math time is limited.  We will do math review daily, but my emphasis will be with Social Studies.

Today in math we completed a Countdown to STAAR.  Just FYI, our Math STAAR is 4 weeks away.

In Social Studies, we created a Vocabulary Voki.  A Voki is basically a talking avatar.  To begin, I gave each student a vocabulary word and we opened a Google Doc using the "create" button within their assignment in Google Classroom.  On the Google Doc, I asked students to (1) name their vocabulary word (2) define their vocabulary word (3) find and type the sentence from their Social Studies newspaper that contained the word, and (4) explain, in their own words, how the definition clarified the meaning of the sentence.

Next, we copied all of the information from the Google Doc and pasted it into the "text to speech" option on the Voki.  I do it this way, so that we can't accidentally lose anything and have to start from scratch.  Then I allowed 15 minutes to create the Voki of their dreams!  This included listening to the speech options and choosing one that was not only fun, but also was understandable to those who would listen (me)!

Our next step was to go back to Google Classroom and "add" the link to their Voki to their assignment and turn the assignment in.  This process allows the Voki and the Google Doc to be saved to each individual student Drive account.  Basically, they will always be able to find it!

Finally, we took the Voki and posted it to their blog using the HTML code.  Now, when you visit the blog, each student has a working vocabulary Voki to view!  Please feel free to visit our class blogs and leave a comment!

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  • http://kidblog.org/AWEWhitehead/
  • http://kidblog.org/AWEJohnson/

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