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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Add and Subtract Fractions with Unlike Denominators Using Models: Day C

Lesson Frame:

  • We will represent and solve addition and subtraction of fractions with unequal denominators.
  • I will use fraction strips to model addition and subtraction of fractions with unequal denominators.
Group 1 & 4

We played an "I Have/Who Has" by adding and subtracting fractions with unlike denominators. I used a resource I found on Teachers Pay Teachers called "Add and Subtract Fractions Scavenger Hunt." I used a Google Extension called "Doc Hub" to edit the PDF to add the words "I Have/Who Has" to the task cards.

I taught this group how to use the butterfly method to add and subtraction fractions with like denominators. However, we also found equivalent fractions when we determined that we could make one of our fractions equivalent in order to use the second fraction as it was.

Group 2
This group watched a video I created using Screencastify that reinforced what we did yesterday:  The Butterfly Method.  Once they watched the video, I had them go to Khan Academy and practice using the Butterfly Method on two lessons involving addition and subtraction of fractions with unlike denominators.

Group 3

The focus today for this group was the UIL Shortcuts for multiplying by 11 and multiplying by 25. I created two videos for students to watch and then gave them an assignment to practice these two new topics.

Fifth Grade Builder #9

We had a few new pieces of information today that we needed to go over, so not everyone was able to complete the assignment. However, what they have left is not much at all!

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