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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Factors/Multiples/Prime/Composite: Day A

Rotations - Day A

It was time to get back to rotations today!

Our lesson frame:

  • We will work on activities that reinforce our understanding of multiples, factors, prime, and composite.
  • I will name multiples, find factors, and determine if a number is prime or composite.

Groups 1 & 4

We needed a little more time working with factors, multiples, prime, and composite numbers.  I was thrilled to find a fun way to do this.... cootie catchers!

Factors and Multiples Cootie Catchers

I changed it up a little by having each student have a cootie catcher (two were finding factors, one was finding multiples, and one named prime or composite).  As we worked each problem, we used divisibility rules to help us determine all factors and we also determined whether the number was prime or composite using those factors.

Group 2

I wanted this group to work with all of these concepts, but felt they did not need quite as much teacher guidance, so this group worked through task cards.

Factors and Multiples Task Cards

Students worked together as a group to answer the task cards and then I provided a QR code that house the answers.  This is just adds a little bit of interest!

Group 3

This group worked on a completely different topic... Roman Numerals.  I found a video I thought was interesting on YouTube called "How to Read Roman Numerals."  I asked this group to watch the video, making a note card of the information they found in the video.  Then, they began practicing working with converting Roman Numerals into Arabic Numbers.

Exit Ticket

Describe the difference between a factor and a multiple of 12.  Is 12 prime or composite?  How do you know (do not say you looked in your journal)?


The classes were also asked to complete an "Algebra Readiness Builder." I am impressed by the fact that the authors seem to know where weaknesses lie (subtracting across 0) and are revisiting these types of concerns while also introducing new topics that are vital for 5th graders to understand!

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